Cowboy Dressage of Colorado

By providing your information, which is your handshake, you become a member of the Cowboy Dressage community.     

Please enter your name, email (required) and any other information plus your comments or questions.  You will receive an email confirmation.  Thank you.

A Cowboy's handshake is his bond so membership with a handshake is our answer.  We feel good about it and we think you will too.  No annual fees or dues are required.  We do have expectations of ourselves and you, though.

With our handshake, and our word, we promise to:
~ continue to educate and teach as much as possible in all formats.
~ keep Cowboy Dressage simple and uncomplicated.
~ provide tests, rules, and information to everyone who wishes to show.
~ support and educate individuals outside the show ring who wish to learn and improve as horsemen and women.
~ strive to maintain Cowboy Dressage as a grassroots, community - focused movement.
~ ensure Cowboy Dressage is accessible to everyone regardless of their income or status within the horse world.  Whether you show, trail ride, barrel race, cut, rein or just love horses, this will be a place you can hang your hat and be proud.
~ and most of all, we look for "the try" in you,  the Cowboy Dressage World members.

With your handshake and your word, you pledge "to try " to:
~ become a person others can trust with a handshake and your word.
~ exemplify the Cowboy Dressage way of life and find the courage to chase your dreams.
~ not allow defeat when faced with setbacks in your life and your horsemanship.
~ treat all horses and people with integrity and kindness.
~ look for "the try" in your horses and always reward them.
~ look for "the try" in people as you travel down your horsemanship path.

With your handshake, and word, you become a member of Cowboy Dressage World.
We ride together with you,
Debbie and Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Lyn Moe, and Garn Walker, Wyatt Paxton